EV Maps

EVMaps.co.uk is currently under development and will likely produce some silly search results, or just not work.

Please do check that your charge points are working before leaving, and that you have enough range to get to them, the site is a long way from perfect right now!

After getting my first car (a Renault Zoe), I decided I couldn't find a good routing site that planned a route with up to date EV charging point locations for long distance journeys. So I decided to make one. EV Maps is a search engine for charge points using the publically availble chage point data from various charging networks.

EV Maps will route (almost) anywhere in the UK, using Open Street Map maps for the routing data, and an up to date database of most of the country's charge points, thanks to the main charging network's data.

Currently data is indexed several times daily from the following charge point networks:

Routes are planned based on multiple factors, including:

If you have any problems, suggestions, feedback or other comments, please contact me (Tom Worley) below:

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